Garden Rats

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24/02/2020 Rat Control

Garden Rats

Why Do Rats Live In Your Garden?

Where Garden Rats Come From?

Garden rats are often not from your garden!

Rats will regularly patrol through gardens in search of food, water, nesting sites and in search of other rats! this raises the question of how best to control rats in your garden. The answer? Garden rat control is almost always community rat control. You will rarely guarantee the bait taken or traps activated have taken the rat seen in your garden or know how many rats you’re dealing with.

Top 3 Reasons For Rats To Visit & Nest In Your Garden

For convenience, we have listed the top reasons and places rats will be in your garden.

Water (Hydration) – Ponds, Water Features, Pet Bowls, Streams, Drip-Trays and Bird Baths, etc.
Food (Nutrition) – Bird Tables, Hutches, Coops, Bird Feeders, Compost Bins and Animal Feed, etc.
Shelter (harbourage) – Sheds, Wood Stores, Bin Stores, Decking, Concrete Paths and Driveways, etc.

Understanding the needs of rats will quickly help you know how best to discourage, intercept and eliminate rats in your garden.