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Know Your Rodents

Getting to grips with rats, mice, squirrels or any other pest begins with a rapid-fire inspection of the problem to build an plan for successful elimination.

Next Come The Parasites & Bugs

Parasites and bugs are an uncomfortable part of the process. Now prepare to deep-clean, fumigate and eliminate other pests with our partners at PestBristol.

The Hunt For Entry Points

So, we have a plan and the next step is identifying entry points into the fabric of your building. This stage could save you a small fortune.

Monitoring For Success

Everyone who has rodents in their home is hypersensitive to every little noise and smell! If you have no new activity after 28 days, chances are, you’re all clear.

Structural Repairs

Wasting cash on treatments that never last was often a painful part of the process. Physical repairs ensure rodents will struggle to return, ever!

Success At Last?

We have been solving problems long enough to know that on rare occasions a lasting solution can’t be found. Fortunately, 95% of clients stay rat-free. Join Them Today!

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Our Process

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Your Rodent Specialists


Rats are among the most destructive of all rodent pests, depositing litres of stinking urine and Kilograms of droppings into roof voids, cavity walls and floor voids!


Mice are small but significant because incontinence makes wild mice a major disease risk to humans. We use a variety of methods to achieve a high level of control quickly.

Grey Squirrels

Squirrels are fluffy, lovely but invasive, destructive and hard to prevent. Control at height is a challenge, but destruction of roof structures, pipes and wiring make it necessary.


Not technically a rodent but a major nuisance pest in gardens where they burrow up to 100 meters a day. Moles can be tough to catch, but a mole free lawn is worth it.