Our Rat Control Skills

Learn about how to stop poisoning rats and start finding the source of your rat problems. Most rat infestations are easily solved, and fast!

  • Rats 90%

  • Mice 77%

  • Squirrels 24%

  • Structural Proofing 69%

  • Inspections 93%

Why Choose Us?

For well over a decade, rat control customers in Bristol have enjoyed rapid rat elimination with our services. We know that some rat problems simply can’t be solved with traditional methods which is why we developed our unique system of rat control

We believe our system to be the most humane and lasting rat elimination system available in Bristol and the UK today.

  • Identify and remediate the source.
  • Eliminate all existing and residual activity.
  • Monitor to establish if the control has been successful.

Good old fashioned fieldcraft and entry point detection skills integrate with technology to map out activity patterns and formulate an effective plan of action.

Using our experience and skills we often solve rat problems in a matter of days or weeks, that have persisted in properties for decades. Our well practised system of elimination and remediation looks at building structure, drainage, and a host of other metrics invaluable to understanding your unique rat problem.

Ethical pest control revolves around two essential ingredients: Exclusion & Client Value.

Exclusion is the most humane form of control and the most cost-effective for your pocket. Our ambition is always to avoid the traditional cycle of Bait-Stink-Flies-Repeat! If rats can’t enter a property or location, you solve infestations permanently. Only if conditions change can the pendulum of op[ortunity swing back in the rats’ favour.

Discover how our Bristol rat control services could help set you free from infestation today!

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