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Know Your Mice

Properties sometimes have one or more types of mice! Species include field mice, wood mice and house mice. Each mouse species has its own habits, needs and behaviours.

Next Come The Mouse Parasites & Bugs

Parasites and bugs are an uncomfortable part of the process. Now prepare to deep-clean, fumigate and eliminate other pests with our partners at PestBristol.

The Hunt For Entry Points

So, we have a plan and the next step is identifying entry points into the fabric of your building. This stage could save you a small fortune.

Monitoring For Success

Everyone who has mice becomes hypersensitive to every little noise and smell! If you have no new activity after 28 days, chances are, you’re all clear.

Structural Repairs

Wasting cash on treatments that never last was often a painful part of the process. Physical repairs ensure mice will struggle to return, ever!

Success At Last?

We have been solving problems long enough to know that on rare occasions, a lasting solution can’t be found. Fortunately, many clients stay mouse-free. Join Them Today!

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Our Process

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House Mice (Mus domesticus & Mus musculus)

The house mouse is arguably among the most common mammals in the UK. Distinctively dark grey or charcoal grey in appearance. The number and diversity of parasites and pathogens make mouse control essential!

Wood Mice (Apodemus sylvaticus)

Woodmice are extremely common but tend to appear in residential settings alone, as visitors under or through open doors. They are associated with Weil’s disease and Lyme disease in humans, making mouse control important.

Yellow-Necked Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis)

Yellow-necked mice have a distinctive yellow collar and are often a vivid orange-brown. A large mouse that often bites if handled and carries fleas, ticks and lice. Mouse control often depends on robust proofing.

Edible Dormouse (Glis glis)

The edible dormouse is among the least known and perhaps underestimated mouse-like rodents. They carry diseases, parasites (sucking louse and fleas) and readily gnaw through cables, and other materials.