Rat Control Methods

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24/02/2020 Rat Control

Rat Control Methods

The Best Rat Control Methods

Is Rat Control Humane?

We don’t believe that any form of control is particularly humane. We try to ensure that whatever control measures we apply are completed in such a way to expedite the process of control and diminish any suffering as much as we are able.

What Is The Most Humane Rat Control Method?

This is a subject of contention. We don’t like using traps because these are often the least humane. Traps catch legs, tails or don’t kill cleanly. For this reason, we prefer to use baits in high activity, low-risk areas.

Rat Traps

Rat traps come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The best are made of plastic and metal as this makes them more robust and easier to clean and maintain.

Rat Bait & Poisons

Rat poisons are often described as single-feed and multi-feed. so single feed is a one-feed, one-kill effect and the other requires multiple feeds over time to be effectual. Baits come in a variety of formulations from grain to pastes and pellets, etc.

Rat Glue Boards

Glue boards are the least humane of all control methods and often require live dispatch by hand. These are used in a very limited set of circumstances. Rats in high-risk areas such as classrooms and kitchens are some of the few places these devices are used under strict conditions.