Rats & Human Disease

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24/02/2020 Rat Control

Rats & Human Disease

Rats & Disease

It’s an undisputed fact of life that rodents are well adapted to utilising environments where pathogens (disease causing germs) are present in all their grotesque glory.

In places where human and animal waste is found and sometimes combine, rats see waste as an opportunity. It offers them food, shelter and even social interaction with fellow rats.

How Do Rats Spread Disease?

Unfortunately, the microorganisms or pathogens within the waste quickly become incorporated within and on the rats. These germs then get spread or transmitted through the deposition of rat faeces and urine or through direct contact with the rats or surfaces with which rats have had contact.

Bacteria, viruses and all manner of other microorganisms then find their way through our bodies defences via beaks in the skin, or inhalation and consumption of food products to name but a few.

Eventually, our bodies become host to these foreign invaders and we become sick and in rare cases, we die. Rodent infestation is no joking matter and the damage they can do to your property is only eclipsed by what they have the potential to do to your health.

What Diseases Do Rats Transmit?